Art class


Discovering your God-given artistic voice

through faith-based investigations


Would you like to explore all your God-given abilities?


Do you enjoy learning new skills and

exploring your full potentials?


Is it important to connect to your church body

and engage in hands-on applications of your faith?


Then check out this opportunity…


As God’s creations, we are all empowered with a capacity to communicate visually.  While society tends to group individuals as either

artists or non-artists, this is not necessarily true.  We can all create and speak through visual modes if we are willing to break down

these societal beliefs and give ourselves permission to go for it.  No, we are not all Michelangelo, but we are capable of making marks. 

It’s like a person who refuses to speak because of some

belief that they are not a great orator. 


I would like to help all those willing to try to speak visually. 

The learning experience will be held in the First United Methodist Art Studio on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings beginning in

September and going through December

(8 classes) from 6:30 – 8:00.PM.  The class is open to everyone age 15 and up!  

A small fee ($20.00) will be asked

of participants to cover the cost of some basic materials which will become the property of the individual upon

the close of the learning experience.


Please contact Brian Lehman (

prior to Labor Day weekend with your intent to participate.