Mission / Vision / Values of First Church

Our mission is:  to Connect people to Jesus Christ and the church;  

Grow Christian disciples; &

Relieve suffering. 

Our Vision:   To be a central hub of Christian ministry in

Lancaster County and beyond.

Our Values:

Both Christ centered & people focused;

Both Scripturally & sacramentally guided;

Both prayerfully & missional devoted;

Both emotionally & intellectually engaged;

Both tradition honoring & innovatively creative;

Both evangelistic & socially active;

Both locally & globally involved.


We believe that to serve God well we need to be a connectional people. That means that we need to learn how to live in peace with one another and seek reconciliation with one another. In order to do that, it is First Church's conviction that we must be connected to Jesus Christ. Reconciliation is only possible through the person and work of Jesus Christ our Lord. Therefore, growth as disciples of Jesus is vital to our mission. As disciples we are called to live in love and service to our neighbor. Thus we must also seek to relieve suffering in a world filled with suffering. 


We believe that all are welcome to come and particpate in the ministry and life of the church. We believe that no matter who you are, where you've been, what you've done, or any other distinction one might make, Christ welcomes all. This welcome is visible most clearly during Holy Communion. As United Methodists, we believe that all are welcome to receive the mysterious grace of Christ in Holy Communion. You need not be a member of United Methodism or First Church to be welcomed at Christ's table. Whomsoever will may come! So we hope you will come and experience Christ's loving presence in your life.