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LUMINA is the Latin word for light.  We believe God calls us to let our light shine in the darkest places of our communities and the darkest places of people's lives, places such as poverty and despair.

Lumina is a cooperative mission project of Eastern PA Conference of the United Methodist church based in the West District of that Conference.

The vision of Lumina is : All people restored to the vital and productive lives God intended.

Mission of Lumina:  To share the love of God by equipping and encouraging people who experience poverty and hardship.

The purpose of Lumina is to offer the impoverished in Lancaster County the light of hope; to encourage children and youth through Christian character building, to empower families through life skill education and to equip those in need with basic necessities and proper clothing for work and school.

Check out the website:  http://www.luminaoutreach.org/



An outreach ministry of LUMINA & Lancaster City UM Churches!


The lack of affordable housing is a problem in Lancaster City. The poverty rate here is 30- 50%. Slumlords outbid low-income families, and then overcharge rent and fail to keep up with maintenance. The rapid turnover of tenants brings instability to a neighborhood which used to be more owner occupied. Manifest is responding to a call to manifest God's love and presence in a specific neighborhood in one struggling section of the city. We are adopting a block of houses, and partnering with IMPACT Missions to renovate a vacant, blighted property at 112 New Dorwart Street. IMPACT Missions owns the house and provides insurance, a work plan, and experienced staff to lead in the demolition and rebuilding. Manifest is raising up volunteers for the work crews and collecting funds to help pay for materials. LUMINA is the coordinator for all volunteers, funds, and communications.


The completed house will be sold at a low price this fall, with incentives to attract first-time, low-income buyers. Buyers will receive training on budgeting and maintenance, and deed restrictions will keep the house from being rented, to help add stability to the neighborhood. Following the sale, we hope to reinvest some of the proceeds in another property to continue this local mission. Together we will not only rebuild houses, but also build relationships and provide a witness to the redeeming power of God’s love!


Manifest: Methodist Alliance for Neighborhood Invigoration:

Faithfully Embodying the Spirit Together!

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Please contact Correen Russo, Manifest Administrator, with questions or to sign up to help!

Correen.lumina@gmail.com or 717-394-8412

Shalom Partnership

Shalom Partnership funds educational enrichment programs for 3rd-5th grad students in the Lancaster City and now, County.  We have been doing this for 20 years.  They begin as soon as school is out for the regular school year, and principals and teachers make up their own curriculum.  We simply fund the programs.  Curricula are science, math, reading, geography, history and the environment.

We contract with 2 teachers from each school which wants a program, and limit the program to 25 students.  We pay $35 per hour, and teachers, must be certified and approved by their principal.

Shalom Partnership is a designated United Methodist organization with an office in New York.  We were founded by two bishops in 1992.  Bob Hannum has been running the program here in Lancaster.