Local Missions of First Church

First Church supports many local projects. Scroll down to see some of the opportunities here.

Anchorage Breakfast Ministry


The Anchorage Breakfast Program is hosted by First United Methodist Church.  The breakfast program runs 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  Free Breakfast is served to an average of 150 people per day.  The low income, unsheltered and socially excluded population, as well as any and all who are hungry come to eat.  Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:45 AM each day with a regular menu of juice, milk, cereal, eggs, toast, a hot beverage and fruit.  Each day a team of 12-16 volunteers come together to prepare breakfast.  2017 brought change and growth to the program. 


37,975 meals were served in the year of 2017!

The annual budget of the breakfast program is $162,775.  The program hires a security company to help keep everyone safe, they hire a cleaning company to clean up each day, and food is purchased. 

Anchorage served close to 4,000 meals in November and December, 2017.

Anchorage has a new Facebook @ Anchorage Breakfast.          Please like us!



Anchorage Breakfast volunteers applauded Laura Meisl for a job well done. Laura has been the leader, manager, director and cheerleader for the startup of Anchorage Breakfast at First United Methodist. Anchorage volunteers presented Laura with a signed photo of all the Anchorage Volunteers. Congratulations on a job well done!

Anchorage is its own 401©3 Non-Profit Ministry. 

Patty Eastep was hired as the Executive Director in November 2017.

Thank you, Lancaster County, for your support of the Anchorage Breakfast Program by giving through the Extra Give. Officially giving is listed at $14,317, with an additional $600 from checks for a total of $14,917.  A grant toward the Extra Give in the amount of $880.00 from Clark’s and $935.94 from the give Stretch Pool Award have been added to the Extra Give amount.  The total blessing to Anchorage was $16,732.94.

Anchorage honored our Veterans with a special decorated cake on the Friday before Veteran’s Day. Anchorage's 195 guests this morning enjoyed the special treat.

Check out this video link to get a feel for how Anchorage serves in Lancaster City.

A continual Anchorage Fundraiser is the sale of 12oz coffee bags roasted by RedRoseCoffeeRoasters.com.   100% of the profits from your purchase goes to support Anchorage Breakfast. 


Thank you for all the volunteers and all the financial donations to keep the program running.  We are helping many, many people right here in Lancaster City.


aarp tax ministry

AARP TAX AIDE – Free Tax Help

Starting February 1, 2018, at First United Methodist Church

Monday through Friday, 9:00 PM to 1:30 PM – No Appointments


This is an FUMC signature mission that has been in continuous operation since tax year 2007, for a total of ten years.   Our volunteers prepare tax returns for local people in Lancaster City and the surrounding area at no charge.   This tax service is equipped to file electronically for Federal and State returns, and at the same time, prepare paper returns for the Lancaster County Tax Collection Bureau (LCTCB).  We also provide either property tax rebate or rent rebate preparation for low income taxpayers who qualify.  The wireless internet infrastructure at FUMC is critical to the success of this mission.


We serve low to middle income (undefined) taxpayers with special emphasis on retirees and the elderly.  The scope of the returns we can prepare is defined by the IRS and is quite detailed.  We rarely have persons who are out of scope and denied service. Every tax return is mandated to have a quality review by a Team Leader before being electronically filed.  The average gross income (AGI) of our clients at FUMC was $19,770 which was slightly less than 2016   We secured more than $1,667,000 in refunds for 1443 clients who filed federal returns at the FUMC tax office.

Our FUMC site is an affiliate of the AARP Foundation and is the largest affiliated site in Eastern Pennsylvania in terms of the number of efiled returns.  Our process is 100 percent computer and network based, and runs in a Windows 10 environment running the Taxslayer application and Internet Explorer.  We electronically file 99 percent of our tax returns to the IRS.

Tax Ministry Annual Report 2016

Tax Ministry Annual Report 2015

Tax Ministry Annual Report 2014

Tax Ministry Annual Report 2013


For the 2016 tax filing, we had 44 IRS certified tax preparers who qualified at the advanced level.  In addition, we had 24 facilitators who review paperwork for completeness and check in clients on a first-come and first served basis.  A majority of the volunteers are from the community and all volunteers sign an agreement covering confidentiality and service protocols.

Our plan is to open for business at 9:00 am on February 1st 2018 with 10 computers and a staff of 15.  Normal hours are 9 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday.   

Interested in becoming certified to join this ministry?  If so, call a member of our leadership team:  Steve Franz (656-0353), or Ralph Beedle (464-6945) or call one of our site coordinators: 

Brethren Village -- Linda Wilson (285-7824)

Grace Community Church -- June Wesbury (464-4560)

Columbia Senior Center -- Nancy McHenry  (553-9746)

First UMC Lancaster -- Steve Franz (656-0353) or Frank Geiger (871-9296)

Quarryville Senior Center -- Susan Ryan (529-2875)

Willow Valley Lakes -- Ralph Beedle (464-6945)

Willow Valley North -- Jim Straw (464-6252)

Woodcrest Villa Retirement Community -- Tom Nesbitt (381-7972)

Lancaster Reentry management organization (rmo) partnership

First Church partners with the Lancaster Reentry Management Organization of Lancaster. Be sure to check out the work of Melanie Snyder and the Lancaster RMO by going to their website to learn more.


Shalom Zone Partnership

First Church supports the work of Shalom Partnership in its efforts to support the education of students at School District of Lancaster. Check out Shalom's website to learn more about their work.