Parking in the city can be difficult at times. First Church is blessed to have more parking available than any other downtown church, yet parking remains a challenge. Hopefully the following information will be helpful to you as you participate in church activities.




You may park in any of the designated spaces for First Church in our main parking lot behind the church off of Lemon Street. 

Do not use spaces indicated for the doctor’s offices, real estate office or tenants of our apartment buildings. 




Parking behind the church is acceptable everywhere except the real estate office

spaces and tenant spaces.  You may park in the doctors spaces only on Sunday.


You may park at the following businesses free of charge on Sunday:

 ¨ Atlee Hall Law Firm, 415 North Duke Street      

Entrance is halfway down the block on the left, between James and Lemon St.  Turn left into driveway at law firm sign and parking lot is in the rear (approx. 0.4 mi to church)

¨ The Village, 205 North Christian Street

From Walnut Street (church is on the right), take 1st left onto Christian Street.  

Go about 1/2 block down and parking lot is on the right (approx. 0.1 mi to church)


¨ Jack Williams Tire & Auto, 300 North Queen Street

Going past the church on Walnut St, turn right on N. Queen and immediately turn left into the parking lot.  (approx. 0.1 mi to church)




The North Queen Street Parking Garage, 

424 North Queen Street.  

The Red Rose Garage

(N Queen St & W Chestnut St) 

Offers free Sunday parking from 7:30 AM- 1 PM. 

Customers must take a ticket to get the free rate. 




If you park on the street, be aware of all signs near the place which you park. 

On Sundays, the Parking Authority and the police will ticket

if you are parked in street spaces which indicate “no Sunday morning

parking” or if you are parked in a handicap space without a placard.  


Parking in our lot is for First Church activities only.  If you are visiting downtown

and are not visiting First Church, park in a garage.  We have security and staff that

will tow your vehicle if it is in the lot and not authorized, 

We are currently not renting any parking spaces.