First Church helped build a Missions House and the Betesda school in 2004 in the Loma Fresca community of Bluefields. Our church sponsored numerous trips to the site for additional work projects between the years of 2005-2019.

Currently this mission is led by Pastor Mario Rugama, and provides:

  • Education to more than 250 students from K-6

  • A safe learning environment

  • Daily Christian teaching

Due to political and social unrest in this area there have been no trips to Nicaragua since 2018. However, we do collect and send school supplies for the children each year and continue to provide money for the operation and upkeep of the Missions house. 


Sudan Rebirth Ministry

Jacob Thon Guot, one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan” is the founder of this operations project. Jacob has a long history with First Church and Kent Kroehler. The mission is to provide scholarships to approved South Sudanese students from preschool to graduate levels. 

  • Currently 14 students are recipients of full scholarships. All of these students are South Sudanese living in South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda.

  • Full sponsorships range from $450 to $4000 per year

The Lost Boy is Found, A Lost Boy’s Story of Faith, Hope, Charity and Love; it is available at

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Africa Sunrise Communities (ASC)

Jacob Thon Guot founded this capital and operations project also, to serve the people of Bor Town, Jonlei State, South Sudan by providing holistic Christian ministries. 

Current projects and progress include:

  • A 2.5 acre plot secured and a perimeter wall completed

  • Ground breaking for a school building March 2023

  • Water source repair

Ongoing and Future Goals include:

  • Create a Bor ASC office on site

  • Move Jacob and his family to east Africa in 2024 to direct the Rising Hope Christian Center

  • Organize the first school

  • Continue improvements to the property

Jacob spent 17 years in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya prior to emigrating to the United States in 2001. He has been a FUMC member since 2003, and graduated from Lancaster Bible College. He has recently been called to return to Sudan as a missionary to his own people. 

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SIERRA LEONE- NarSarah Clinic & Children's Village

Rev. Dorcas Kamande, a member of First Church, has grown a mission in her home country of Sierra Leone. This ministry is supported by First Church and Dorcas returns to Lancaster as often as her schedule allows. 

The mission includes many services such as: 

  • NarSarah medical clinic (est.2002)

  • grammar school

  • high school (est. 2009) 

  • Church

  • orphanage

  • children’s village “Mamma Land” that is currently under construction. 

  • Micro-loan services (efforts managed by Ali- Dorcas’ son)

Pastor Joe & others went to Sierra Leone in the Winter of 2023  to view the progress at the clinic of Mamma Land.  The group participated in the dedication of the foundation of a community center on  Mamma Land grounds. He described the mission as, “A holistic mission, bringing healing to the body, grace to the soul, hope for the future, & renewal to the mind”.

To support the work of Dorcas and her ministry, please click here

When you reach the website, search for "Serving Sierra Leone". 

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Rev. Mutwale Ntambo Wa Mushidi and his wife Kabaka Ndola Alphonsine run a mission in Tanzania that we have supported for many years. 

This Mission Center supports many outreach ministries across Tanzania including:

  • A recently completed preschool

  • A secondary school

  • A guest house for visitors and volunteers that come to work on mission projects (est 2018)

  • Coordinating care for orphans and transporting the sick to hospital

Future endeavors they hope to accomplish with our continued support are to build a health center and a sanctuary for worship. Rev. Mushidi and his wife have made several visits to First Church in the past, and hope to again in August or September of 2023.