Do you want discover a way to enjoy the smaller moments and easily find beauty in the commonplace?  

Imagine how you might find time and gratification in your daily practices and encounters by learning to stop and observe what is already right in front of you.  If you are willing to try something new, join Brian Lehman’s fall art class where you will pick up a pocket-sized sketchbook and begin recording your experiences.  No skill is needed as these small sketches are merely exercises to get you looking.  You do not even need to share them.  

Simply use them as a pathway for looking, listening and recording the beauty that surrounds you each day. 

The learning experience begins Wednesday, September 18th and runs every sequential 1st and 3rd Wednesday through Wednesday, December 4th. 


Sessions will begin at 6:30 and run to 8:00PM and will focus on techniques for rendering and looking more intently.  This is designed for students ages 12 through adulthood.


All those interested should contact Brian Lehman at brian_lehman@hempfieldsd.org