FLOW meets every Tuesday night from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at First United Methodist Church of Lancaster.  If you can meet with us in person we'll be more than happy to have you join us, but if you're out of town or cannot make it to the church our meetings are hybrid and you can join us via zoom!

Our studies follow a cycle between a guided study provided by the online catalogue RightNowMedia, these are either topical studies or are pulled directly from scripture.  We alternate between that and what is known as an inductive study, where the group offers a scripture passage that interests them (or bothers them!) and we take a deep dive into it's meaning.  

Check out our Facebook group for the official calendar, and to RSVP each week so we know how much food we need! (If you're new, click "Join Group"

and we'll add you so you have access to everything!)  Meetings are also coordinated via the groupchat on facebook messenger, you'll be added to the chat when you join the group.