Contemporary worship in celebration center

Contemporary worship is led by the Christian Street Band under the direction of Joe Anthony (see more below about the band). Pastor Joe DiPaolo is the primary preacher at First Church and leads the church through oversight of all the worship services at First Church. 

The Conemporary service at First Church is an exciting and joy filled service inviting people into an experience of the risen Christ. Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM as we worship our Lord together.


The Christian Street Band - Joe Anthony, Director

The Christian Street Band was formed more than 10 years ago when a small group began to explore new ways to worship God using more contemporary models. Today, under the direction of Joe Anthony, the team is comprised of talented instrumentalists and vocalists who share a vision of serving God and the congregation by "giving back" the amazing gift of music. If you are an experienced musician or vocalist, and you have been called by God to serve, please contact Joe by calling the church office at 394-7231 or send an email to the church office.