traditional worship AT FIRST CHURCH

Sanctuary Worship

Sanctuary Worship at First Church is designed to bring the worshiper closer to the Glory of God through the United Methodist tradition of singing hymns, reading of scriptures, prayer, and presentations to the Glory of God by a variety of choirs, organ and handbells. 

The service uses other traditional elements such as the Lord's Prayer, Creeds and Biblically based sermons in conjunction with the presentation of major works by choirs and occasional use of newer worship elements such as projection. 

Holy Communion is served weekly at the 8:15 a.m. service and once a month at 10:45 a.m., usually on the first Sunday of the month. 

Children are encouraged to attend, however qualified childcare is also provided for younger children. The best way to worship our God and His risen Son Jesus Christ is with a friend, so make sure you bring someone with you when you worship at First Church! 


For more information about the choirs at First Church click here.

the wesley singers

Why do we get together?

For male fellowship and to sing at retirement homes in Lancaster County. We also sing as requested for funerals of deceased members of our group.

When do we get together?

There are two series, one in the spring and one in the fall of each year. Each series consists of three Mondays. The first Monday we rehearse in the morning, have lunch together and finish a short rehearsal after lunch. The next two Mondays we rehearse in the morning, have lunch together and sing at two selected retirement homes in the afternoon.

What is the makeup of the group?

The base group is made up of First United Methodist Church male members here in Lancaster who are retired, or have an interest in joining in our singing. We have a significant number of members of other faiths included in our group as well.

What are the requirements for inclusion?

Nothing more than an interest in male fellowship in a choral context. We do not present ourselves as being accomplished singers nor does our director expect us to be. 

Check out the Wesley Singers on YouTube by clicking the picture to the left.

For more information regarding this great group of men who share the message of God's love, grace and mercy through voice and music, contact Ted Maurer at (717) 299-4650.