Adult Ministries at First Church

First United Methodist Church is a community of believers who feel strongly led to help each other learn and grow in their faith in Christ Jesus. Our core values state that we believe in "grounding ourselves in the Bible" and "believing in the centrality of Jesus Christ."

The Discipleship Team helps each member explore, learn, and question how their lives are impacted by a faith in God the Father, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit - the Trinity.

Our adult groups offer a wide variety of studies ranging from "They Like Jesus But Not the Church," "Original Sin," "Mere Christianity," Bible studies on Romans and Matthew, and other fascinating topics that will keep you grounded in God's word and living in his presence every day.

All of our groups, led by knowledgeable believers, offer a unique experience for faith and friendship to flourish into rich encounters with Jesus. Come and join us anywhere in your faith walk... we have a class for YOU! For more information regarding our Christian Formation groups, contact Pastor Janet via email.

sunday morning adult christian formation

9:30 am

Christian Journey (room 232/234)

A wide-ranging group in terms of age and studies, this group studies several DVD-based curriculums throughout the year focusing on the merger of faith and life.

God's Wild Kingdom (room 240)

This energetic group, some with middle school and high school aged children, has several guest teachers throughout the year as well as DVD-based studies on how to life out our faith in the world.

Koinonia (room 201)

One of our longest-lasting studies, this group of professionals and recently retired members discuss many different current and poignant themes throughout the year and is led by class members and guest teachers.

Wesleyan (room 214/215)

This is a highly dedicated, motivated, and large group of retired members who study several different DVD-based curriculums on life and faith and is led by class members each Sunday.


Have kids? We offer Youth and Children's Christian Formation at 9:30 AM as well. 

For more information about Youth click here and for Children click here.